Get Involved

What Can I Do?

First, please become a member of AI Japan, and encourage others to do so. Even if you do nothing else, your membership fees help the organization. See "How to join."

Read the letter-writing guidelines and model letters. These are based on AI's long experience, and enable you to write letters that are more effective. You can write letters or cards (or, in some cases, faxes or emails) in connection with cases in The Wire (which is sent to members every month), or cases on one of the national AI websites. (See the Links page for a partial list.)

Think what you like to do (e.g. meeting & talking to people, organizing events, chairing meetings, designing publicity material, managing a website, fund-raising) and offer to do it for AITEN!
Below is a list of specific tasks; contact us if you have any other ideas.

Regular commitment

We need a person or people to:

* Organize our monthly movie night at Heaven Door. This involves sourcing the DVDs, arranging delivery to the venue, and making sure publicity goes out in good time.

* Organize our table at one of the international school festivals. We currently attend four a year: Yokohama (April/May), St Mary's (Futagotamagawa) in May, Seisen (Yoga) in October, and Sacred Heart (Hiroo) in November.

* Put together our monthly program of events to send out to members and supporters.

* Organize the publicity effort for one of our benefit concerts.

* Organize the raffle for one of our benefit concerts.

* Arrange a guest speaker for one of our regular monthly meetings.

* Be our liaison person with university or school AI groups.

* Help to keep our website updated.

* And more!